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Agile Chain

Test for agility

Agility does not mean that a company uses agile project management methods here and there or is naming things with some agile terminology (e.g. Scrum, Retro, Tribes, Sprint, etc.)

Agility is a philosophy to be customer-centric first of all and to be able to react fast and responsive to changing customer requests.

This is true for external as well as internal customers. What customers receive is a product (that can include a service).

A simple first test derives from this agile philosophy with which one can immediately review if a company is really agile:

  1. Can every organisational unit (e.g. team, department, area) specify its product(s)?

  2. If yes, can every organisational unit either specify its external customer segment or name its internal customers?

  3. Would also the internal customers potentially be willing to pay for the internal product(s) they receive?

If the majority of the internal units can neither name their products nor name their customers it is obvious that a company is by far not agile at all.

But if they can and if most organisational units would be convinced that even their internal customer would be happily paying for their excellent product (or service) then a major step has been achieved towards a truly agile company.

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