Agile Chain
Agile Chain

The ideal organisation

Companies have an organisation. This means, that the company has to choose how it wants to organize the company. The ideal organisation does not exist, but the organisational form should be chosen such that it systemically supports the company objectives:

  • To achieve fast and competent decision making based on knowledge advantages information.

  • To enable the cooperative operation of all resources of the company towards the overall company objectives and customers.

  • To break down the company into areas that allow each area to best develop the expertise required for contributing best to the overall objectives.

  • To implement a lossless and efficient interaction and collaboration between all of these resources.

  • To achieve an asset and resource allocation according to priorities.

  • To foster the responsiveness and flexibility of the company towards new market requirements or customer demands.

  • To ensure that new tasks resulting from new products, projects or external requirements easily find a new home to be quickly dealt with.

  • To stimulate the development of new products that will bring the company into a position to turn resources into valuable customer benefit also in the future.

To achieve this, organisations need to explicitly define the → 10 mechanisms of an organisation. If these are not defined explicitly they happen implicitly — but obviously somehow and certainly less than optimal.

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